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My Declaration of Independence

No flag, nor country; no dogma, nor church commands my fealty. My only allegiance is to the great, ineffable source of all that is. I am not patriotic. I am an Earthling. The entire Earth is my home.  I am … Continue reading

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Stubbing My Toe

I went to the beach the other day. Not an unusual event in and of itself. I go to the beach every second or third day. What was unusual about this particular visit was that I stumbled across a small … Continue reading

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Sense of Direction

As I am wont to do, I was in the bar at the SunSail marina some days ago watching the sunset, sipping a cold Hairoun, thinking about what a glorious adventure life is when you allow it to be, when … Continue reading

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I am sitting on the dock of the bay, humming along with Otis and waiting for my love to come sailing out of the sunset. She’s flown down to St. Lucia to meet our friend Roger and help him bring … Continue reading

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