The Great Spiritual Delusion


If you can clearly and honestly look at the way certain things are being done in the world and not feel a profound sense of moral outrage, then you are spiritually retarded. Oh yes, the term “retarded” is not politically correct these days, so I will say it this way, you are developmentally delayed and need some remedial treatment.

Furthermore, if you are awake and aware enough to acknowledge the profound injustices that are being propagated by a few psychopaths and do nothing to counteract this evil, then you are morally complicit. Maybe morally complicit is too soft a term, so I will say those who stand by and allow evil to persist are as guilty as those who perpetrate the evil.

There are a few clear reasons why people do not act, and thus become complicit. The two that I see most and address here are:
1) Many, perhaps the majority, feel powerless. They are so overwhelmed by the scope of it all that they just do not know what to do.
2) Many believe that focusing their attention on evil somehow enhances the evil’s power or reality; and, that the answer lies in ignoring the illusions of the external world and focusing on an internal search for peace, truth, light and love (agape).

For those who feel powerless, I will simply say this… it is through taking action that you claim your personal power; and each act, no matter how small, empowers you to become capable of greater and more meaningful contributions.

Commitment to any contribution to the improvement of even one fellow human being is important and serves to prove that your life has meaning and purpose. Once you begin the path of contribution, your life begins to matter, you become empowered and you will no longer feel powerless. You become capable of greatness by taking a stand and by taking action.

For those who are already in overwhelm, I will remind you that attempting to obviate your despair with mind-numbing drugs like alcohol, television, religion (old time or new age) or consumerism is self-destructive and ultimately takes you farther down the path to a meaningless and purposeless life. Your salvation lies in being of service, in taking action to resist evil, in shining the light of your beingness into the darkness.

To those who withdraw their attention from the evils that exist in our world in the false belief that refusing to acknowledge something somehow makes it less real and therefore somehow WILL bring about an ideal in which this evil no longer exists are delusional. They are as delusional as the people who refuse to acknowledge the diagnosis of a life threatening disease, expecting that their ignore-ance will cause it to go away.

In response to my many Facebook postings about some of the very real nastiness being perpetrated on you and I by a few power mad, greedy, soulless individuals hiding behind corporate shields or government immunities, I received an earnest anD well-intentioned email.

“Dear Leslie,

I honor your commitment to stand up for those who suffer and to fight the bad guys. However, I would have thought you’d have learned that what you resist persists and that what you focus your attention on only increases.

I have come to understand that when we focus our attention on the imperfect things of this world, the illusions which have no reality or permanence, we in fact give life to these things. I know in my heart that peace in the world will only come when we all have peace in our hearts, so while protesting wars may seem like the right thing to do, it, in fact, only serves to empower the war makers by creating more of the same kind of energy. Fighting for peace is still fighting. Be at peace and peace will be manifest.

You already know that you are light. Focus on the light. It is the only reality. The darkness is an illusion that only becomes apparently real when you add the focus of your attention to those others who are also focused on shadows.

In love and respect,
(Name redacted)”

There is no doubt in my mind that this person is well-intentioned and considers himself to be on a spiritual path.

But, he is suffering from the great spiritual delusion of our times. His delusion is quite common in people who consider themselves to be spiritually developed. But, as I wrote in my opening paragraph, this is developmentally delayed and needs remedial education.

Evil is empowered by ignorance and not by attention; and willful ignorance is more empowering than ordinary ignorance. It is inattention that enables evil to flourish. Attention is light and truly developed spiritual people learn to shine their light into the darkness.

As an example, if everyone paid attention to the evil that Monsanto, and its ilk, are creating by monopolizing the world’s food supply and corrupting it with Genetically Modified Organisms and then, decided to actively fight this evil simply by refusing to consume GMO foods, it would disappear. It only continues because people ignore (do not pay attention) to this evil.

Refusing to acknowledge evil will not cause it to disappear. This idea that by focusing your attention only on all that is judged to be good you will somehow create a world in which good is the only reality is a great spiritual delusion. The belief in and the propagation of this delusion is yet another way that evil is allowed to flourish.

Developed spirituality is expressed as active compassion; it is not exemplified in withdrawal from the world to meditate in some Himalayan cave. If you are compassionate (capable of feeling real love for life in all its manifestations), you will draw attention to the inequities, immoralities and intentional evils that exist in the world you actually inhabit and thus, empower others to act to correct the inequities and combat the very real, not illusionary, evils that surround you.

Two people walk into a dark, dreary, dirty, disorderly basement of their home dimly lit by a single small window. One person closes his eyes to the filth and retreats to the upper floors where all is already lovely, clean and attractive. The other reaches for the light switch so that all can be illuminated and cleaned up. I choose to turn on the light. What will you do?

If you choose to ignore evil, you empower it to take over your life and your world behind the scenes.

If you decide that evil is a permanent, unavoidable or necessary polar opposite of good, and therefore make no effort to fight this evil, you also enable it to flourish.

If you decide that evil is an illusion, then you say to each of the 15,000 children who will die today from starvation that their pain and suffering is a lie and their death does not actually leave a stain on your own soul.

If you acknowledge that evil really exists but are too scared to confront this evil, you also enable it to flourish. That is why media spreads fear. To disempower you. That is why you must face the bogeyman under the bed or the monster in the closet. Turn on your light. Become a true spiritual warrior. Do something.

About Leslie Fieger

Author of several books including The DELFIN Trilogy, Your Prosperity Paradigm, The Master Key, Alexandra's DragonFire and Awakenings. Speaker; Meme Therapist and Professional Beach Bum
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4 Responses to The Great Spiritual Delusion

  1. Awesome. Really something to open your eyes and think. God is good.

  2. leslie, these words are from our creator. you are an awesome messenger and leader. god bless everything you do. love ya man

  3. Thanks Chuck. I am resolved to inspire people to become spiritual warriors in the truest sense. I will continue to elaborate on and reinforce this message.

  4. Chuck Danes says:

    Awesome and MUCH needed message. It can’t be any more clear…and in my mind, spot on that.

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