Get A Life

A Pail Full of Cold Water

I could have done here what many writers do… take the safe route… massage your ego and then give you some touchy-feely encouragement to be a better person; but I won’t be doing that with this essay.

My intention in writing this piece is to enable and empower you to become a fully functional human being, a consciously aware creator and to wake you up to your potential to self-actuate your divine self and sacred nature.

Imagine that you are asleep in the midst of some captivating dream and, suddenly, you are doused with cold water; a rude awakening indeed. This is going to be like that.

In my own journey, I have found that I have needed, from time to time, the rude awakenings impossible to ignore, the hard reminders, to get me back on track with what I am here to do. I suspect that many of you may need the same and this work is for you.

If it is not what you need or want, then please ignore it and get on with living your life and building your prosperity. All that is written here is my opinion, nothing more. My opinions, like yours, are only those… opinions. I am basing my advice on my own experiences and insights. I offer it out of good intent.

The information offered here is intended to cause you to examine the meaning and purpose of your life. The questions I raise may affront you. These are the hard reminders, the rude awakenings and the cold water that I refer to.

There is nothing warm, fuzzy and enjoyable about being woken up by a pail full of cold water. It is, however, certain to wake you up and once awakened, it is difficult to go back to sleep.

So, with that cautionary note stated, make your choice… read on or simply ignore this and go back to sleep.

Life Is A Gift

Are you wasting your life away? Each day presents you with 1,440 minutes. No more, no less. That’s all you get. How many of those minutes are squandered? You might have 9,000 days in your life or you might have 36,001. How many have slipped away from you already? Thousands, perhaps. How many more wasted moments or days are you prepared to have?

I take the position that life is a wonderful gift and that it is to be appreciated as such. Failing to appreciate the gift is to devalue not only the gift but the giver as well. To appreciate means to honor, to esteem, to treasure, to cherish, to revere, to enjoy, to relish and also, to appreciate means to improve upon, to increase in value, to contribute to.

How you choose to go about living and appreciating your life is entirely up to you. You get to choose the how of life.

There are as many ways to live as there are people who can imagine how to live. I like to say that the how of life may be complex, but the why is simple; it is to revere, relish and contribute.

Are you enjoying—relishing—yourself and your life? Are you being fulfilled? Does each day have purpose and meaning?

Are you honoring, esteeming, and revering your life? What will be your legacy? What will you do today and with the rest of your life that will demonstrate your appreciation?

Are you just spinning your wheels? Are you wasting the precious moments of your life doing things that have no value, hold no enjoyment and add nothing to your own upliftment or to the appreciation of life?

Are you a better and happier person today than you were yesterday? If not, why not? How much joy does your heart hold? How much love?

What percentage of your 1440 is spent being reverent, standing in awe of the miracle of your life and all creation; how much time in each day are you enjoying, savoring, relishing the pleasures of being alive; what are you doing in each day to make a contribution?

These are tough questions. It takes a certain stark honesty with self to answer them. There is no doubt that a large percentage of your time is wasted, thrown away as if in contempt. You may choose to be in denial about that, but if, in each moment, you are not a) standing in awe and reverence or b) cherishing and relishing the gift of being alive or c) making a contribution by consciously becoming more or adding value to the lives of others and/or the universe as a whole, then you are wasting your 1440 and devaluing the gift of life.

Take a day, any day, say yesterday, and write down how you spent your 1440. Let’s say you slept 8 hours, 480 minutes, one third of that day. That leaves you with 960. Take 20 of today’s 960 and analyze yesterday’s 960. In each of those 960, you were involved in some activity or action. You were being and behaving a certain way.

Examine each behavior, each action. Was there any reverence being expressed? What was relished, cherished, enjoyed? Were you contributing to self or universe in that action? Was life being gratefully appreciated? My bet is that, in most of those 960 moments, the answer is no. What a waste! You could have been revering, relishing and contributing, couldn’t you? It is simply a matter of choice; your choice.

You either chose to revere, relish and contribute or you chose not to. You either chose to appreciate the gift of life or you chose not to. In each and every moment, you made a choice.

Perhaps you did not make the choice consciously, intentionally and on purpose. It was, perhaps, made unconsciously, habitually, instinctually like a creature of circumstance or even, accidentally. You went through the day as if you were a choiceless, pre-programmed automaton and for all the value you received or gave, you might as well be.

Now that you are aware of that, you can make the choice to live consciously each and every moment of each and every day. Of course, you can also make the choice to go about living an unconscious life. It is always possible to go back to sleep. Try counting sheep.

What is your intention?

This is truly one of the most exquisite questions you can ask yourself at any given moment. What is my intention in doing what I am doing right now? Also ask: What is my intention in thinking the way I think? What is my intention in holding the beliefs I hold?

It will help you get to the why of life. Ask… Why am I doing this? For what purpose?

Like I stated previously, the how of life may be complex, but the why is simple. You have been given the gift. Demonstrate your appreciation by your reverence, relishment and contribution.

Let’s take a little pause here for an analogy that might help you achieve some clarity.

You are going on a journey, perhaps a little adventure. You show up at the airport for your flight only to find out that it has been delayed for three hours. What is your response? It has happened enough to me to be able to tell you what most people’s response is. It is, “Rats. Now I have three hours to kill.” Very few react to this unexpected gift of time, three extra hours, to do something useful, to enjoy. Most look for ways to kill the time.

Airports are full of stores so that people with time on their hands can indulge in a little mindless consumerism. Airports are full of bars so that people with time on their hands can sample their drug of choice. Airports are full of TV sets so that people with time on their hands can distract themselves. There are also, in airports, a few good books to be discovered and read in the extra time; spaces set aside to do some productive work; chapels where a little meditation can be done or a few prayer of gratitude can be offered.

The bars and shops are usually crowded with people killing time. The workspaces are almost always (despite the fact that a large percentage of travelers are business travelers) underutilized. The chapels are almost always empty. Most of the readers are reading books they will not even remember a month later.

Most people in airports are just hanging out, killing time, waiting to go someplace else. Are you like that? Are you, perhaps, living most or even the whole of your life like that…killing time until time kills you?

Time is your most precious, non-renewable, continuously declining asset. 1440 minutes a day. That’s all you get to spend. How you choose to spend it denotes the value you place on it and the appreciation you have for the gift of the time of your life.

So many people are very careful about how they spend their money and so very careless about how they spend their time. They place enormous value on their money but devalue their time. No reverence, no relishing, no conscious contribution. What a waste.

You Are A Gift

Have you been just taking up space and passing the time away until you pass away?

You are unique. In the whole universe of a billion, billion galaxies, each containing a billion, billion stars and countless more things we have yet to imagine or conceive of, there is only one you. There may be six billion other human beings walking around on this particular planet that you inhabit right now, but there is only one you.

Only one you with your unique attributes, your special characteristics, your distinct potentials and your exceptional opportunities to offer the gift that you are to the rest of life.

The rest of us, your fellow humans, are awaiting your contribution. The whole universe awaits — in anticipation — for your very next thought, feeling, word and deed. Imagine that. Everything that you are and do adds to the whole of creation. Each new thought contributes to the totality of the universe. Your every act ripples out like the sun’s radiation, a waveform that washes up against all else having an effect, whether you admit it or not.

The universe is, by definition, all that is. Everything that exists, exists within the universe. The universe, taken as a whole, is the sum of its parts. One of its parts is you. Therefore, every new thought you think, and every feeling you have, every word you speak, every action you take, adds to the whole. You cannot help but contribute to the whole of the universe. The obvious questions that arise out of that are: Of what value are your contributions and are you contributing consciously, intentionally, on purpose??

You are light. That is your essence. Physically, you are composed of recycled stardust. Metaphysically, you are composed of the same light or radiance that enlivens all creation. Are you shining bright enough to light the way of your fellow travelers? There is a lot of darkness out there. You can light it up. The more you are, the more you shine. The more you become, the brighter you are.

You light up my life. At least, you can if you but choose to. Have you been denying or hiding your light? Why? You really have no valid excuses. Many others, with less to offer than you do, have given more, shone brighter.

I am going to remind you of something that you already know… there are people with less education, less intelligence, less opportunity and less ability than you have who are creating more abundance in life, making a greater contribution, have greater enjoyment and are more fulfilled than you are.

Why is that? Can it be attributed to fate, karma, providence or just plain good luck? I don’t think so. I think effects have causes. I think having is predicated upon doing and being. I think that enjoyment, appreciation, abundance, contribution, happiness and success happen on purpose. They are a matter of choice, not chance.

Some people achieve a certain level of mastery in life because they have made a simple choice to live life on purpose instead of by accident. They know and practice something very important. It is this: clarity, congruency and control of your thoughts and beliefs are consciously causal and success and happiness are the resulting effects.

Mastery of the game of life, therefore, is all about bringing clarity (or lucidity), congruency (or coherency) and control (or focus) to the activities of your consciousness. Take charge of your own programming. If you must be a creature of habit, then choose those habits that serve you. Make it a habit to have a grateful appreciation of the gift of life; make it a habit to revere, relish and contribute. Get addicted to grateful appreciation.

Appreciate the gift. Your life is a gift. You are the gift. Revere, relish and contribute.

Be reverent of the miracle of your life. Become reverent in your own presence. Relish life. Enjoy your self.

Contribute to yourself and to all existence. Become more. Create more. Do it on and with purpose. Stop being an accidental participant in life.

Do you find life bewildering, incoherent and out of focus? Perhaps it is because you are.

Do you have clarity? Are you being lucid? Are you being incongruent, incoherent? Are you in control, disciplined and focused or is your life out of control?

Want to have more out of life? Get lucid. Get coherent. Get focused. Get empowered. Shine your light.

“The shift from incoherence to coherence can bring dramatic effects: A 60-watt light bulb, whose light waves could be made coherent as a laser, would have the power to bore a hole through the sun—from 90 million miles away.” ~William A. Tiller, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness

Now that is power. Imagine that: The light from a single 60-watt bulb, made coherent and focused as a laser, can burn a hole through the sun. Imagine this: You emit more light, more radiant energy than a mere 60-watt light bulb. What power you would have if you were to bring coherence and focus to all that you are and all that you do?

Get empowered. Start appreciating who you are. Stop diffusing the light that you are. Give the gift of you!


If there is no why to what you do, then why do you do it? The person without a definite purpose in life is more handicapped than the most disadvantaged or disabled. Your lack of personal purpose cripples you.

It is not that you will just end up with a purposeless life. It is worse than that. If you don’t choose to have a clear and definite purpose of your own, you will get assigned one.

Perhaps your assigned purpose/function is to be a consumer. Your job is to hang out at the mall with your credit card.

Perhaps your assigned purpose/function is to be the robot in the factory that produces the stuff for the consumer to consume. Your job is to be a cog in the wheels of industry.

Perhaps your assigned purpose/function is to be cannon fodder. Your job, soldier boy, is to secure the raw materials for the factory by killing or being killed. From time to time, depending on the whims of others, you get to switch job roles.

Sure, that is a highly cynical and overly simplistic view of things; but, as I said at the beginning, this was written to be a rude awakening and you cannot deny that there is more than a grain of truth in the previous paragraph.

Only those who have chosen a higher purpose for their lives have a higher purpose than consumer/producer/securer or whatever other lot in life is assigned to them. Why do you do what you do? Have you decided yet? If not, when will you?

There are many ways how to live. Some people think how you choose to live is the important choice. I think the why is the most important. Without the why, the how is meaningless, purposeless.

You already know what I think and believe the why of life is. It does not matter so much how I express my reverence.
It simply matters that I do. It does not matter much how I relish each passing moment of my life.

It only matters that I do. It does not really even matter all that much how I go about contributing to life. It only matters that I do. I have my reasons why. The how is just my way of being alive. The why is my purpose in being alive. The how gives flavor and character to my life. The why gives the meaning.

Do you have a reason why? What is it? Can you clearly express it in one sentence?

Maybe, just maybe, if you had a clear why, the hows would fall into place.

If discovering an overall purpose to your life seems a little overwhelming, start with the basics. Start by asking yourself, what is the purpose in doing what you are doing in each moment? Why are you, for example, reading this book?

Did you have a purpose in mind?

What was your intention?

With the upfront warning, you must have made a definite decision to read this. Why?

I know why I wrote it. I know what my purpose was. I even told you on the first page.

Can you tell me, anyone else or yourself why you are reading it? If not, why bother? Only 1440 minutes in this day. Is it worth spending some of them to read this?

While you are thinking about that, allow me to share something that amused me when I first heard it.

There is this story about a high-powered venture capitalist from New York that comes down to the Caribbean for a much needed holiday. He is sitting one day in this quaint little beach bar enjoying a cold drink when he sees a fisherman come back from a day’s fishing. He watches while the catch is unloaded and the boat cleaned up and put to bed.
Deciding to get some local color to tell in his stories back home, he engages the fisherman in a conversation.

“That’s quite a catch you pulled in today. What are you going to do with it?”

“Sell some, trade some and take the rest home to feed my family,” replies the fisherman.

“Do you always get a good catch like that?” asks the holidaying moneyman.

“Sure do. I am a great fisher,” replies the fisherman and off he goes, whistling.

The next day, the New Yorker visits the beach bar again and notices the fisherman is sitting there with some friends, drinking beer and playing dominoes. He asks, “No fishing today?”

“Nope,” says the local, “today is my day to be with my buddies.”

The next day, the VC from NYC sees the fisherman playing with his kids on the beach. “No fishing today?”

“Nope, today is my day to play with my kids.”

The next day, the non-fishing fisherman is seen escorting his wife out to lunch. “No fishing today?”

“Nope, today is my day to be with my woman.”

The next day, the fisherman is caught gassing up his boat at the marina. “Going fishing today then?”

“Nah, just messing with my boat a bit.”

“Why no fishing?” the VC asks.

“Today is my day to play around with my boat, take the wife and kids out for a ride and look for dolphins. Maybe the kids will want to catch a fish. Who knows?”

“Are you going fishing tomorrow?” The reply, “No, not tomorrow. It is my day to help my cousin build his house.”

“Well, when do you go fishing again?” asks the man from Wall Street.

“Tuesdays, I go normally, unless the weather is bad,” is the response.

Tuesday rolls along and the venture capitalist is waiting by the boat when the fisherman comes. “Can I go out with you and do some fishing? I’ll pay you $100.”

“Sure, mon. Why not?”

So off they go to sea and return at sunset with a boatload, most of which is sold or traded; with the rest going home to feed the family. “A great day of fishing,” says the tourist.

“Yes, sir,” says the other.

The next day, the venture guy meets up with the fisher guy at the beachside bar. “I’ve been thinking,” he said. “You could be making a lot of money if you took your business seriously. If you fished everyday, you’d be able to make more money.”

“I don’t need to fish more. I get enough money now to run my boat and feed my family. I eat enough fish now.”

“But, you could build a great little business with the way you can catch fish. With my contacts, I could get you some funding. You could then buy some more boats, hire some people and catch even more fish and make even more money. You could even start a charter fishing company to take guys like me out fishing and make even more money. A little advertising in the right places and you’d have plenty of clients, guys like me who need a vacation and enjoy a little fishing now and again. Of course, you’d have to make a profit and pay back the investors. But with a few years of daily hard work, you could do that.”

“Why would I want to work hard every day?” asked the fisherman.

“To make money to pay off the loan or investment and to make more money so that you can, one day, afford to retire.”

“What would I do when I retire?”

“Well, anything you want. Just take it easy. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. When I retire, I’m going to get a place on the beach, play a little golf, spend time with my friends and maybe drink a few beers. I’ll be able to spend more time with my family. I’ll probably get myself a little boat and go fishing once in a while. Do whatever I want, whenever I want. That’s what I am looking forward to doing when I retire.”

“Well, it sounds a little complicated to me, all this business stuff. I think that I’ll just stick with Tuesdays. Tuesdays work for me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my friends are waiting to start the dominos game.”

Everybody has their own how to in life. You too, no doubt have made certain choices about how to go about spending your 1440 multiplied by whatever amount of days you are given.

Are you clear on why you are doing what you are doing?


Everything is an affirmation. Everything is information.

All that you are exposed to; everything seen, everything heard, smelled, tasted and touched is information, is affirmation. Everything that is resounding in your head and in your heart is an affirmation. Everything you say and do is not only information, but is an affirmation of who you are, how you are being, where you are headed, what you are focused on and why you have what you have in your life.

The beliefs you choose or permit, the thoughts you choose or permit, the feelings you choose or permit, the things you imagine or intend are all an affirmation of who you are and the character of your beingness. They are also information that any insightful person can read and interpret. You are an open book. Who is writing in that book? What is being written? By whom?

What you see when you look at your world is information. It is also an affirmation of who you are. If, upon gazing at the world, you see beauty, then you are affirming your own essential beauty. If you see the lack of beauty… I think you get the picture. The world mirrors or affirms the way you are. Really, it is just informing you about exactly how you are being.

If you want the world to be better or different in any way, then you must change.
Say this out loud to yourself right now, “I must be the change I wish to see in the world.”

Say it again and again; affirm it, until you ‘get it’.

What do you want out of life? What do you want your world to be like, to reflect back to you?

If you want more abundance, you must become more abundant. If you want more love, you must become more loving. If you want more peace, you must become more peaceful.

Whatever it is that you desire, you must first create it within yourself and then enact it. You are able to create and enact or output according to the quality of information you hold or input.

There is this old (so old, it is almost forgotten) truism of the computer industry. Input equals Output or, I=O. What it means is that the quality of the informational input determines the quality of the resulting output. If it’s garbage going in, it will be garbage coming out: GI=GO.

This is also true of you. What are you feeding into yourself? Everything you input is either a toxin or a nutrient or a mixture of the two.

You know that if you eat or ingest toxins, your body will become ill and if you eat nutrients, your body will be healthy. It is almost funny how people are in denial about this basic and simple piece of knowledge. People line up for toxins at fast food restaurants and somehow still expect to be healthy. People eat things out of packages where the list of ingredients spells out enough chemicals to fill a toxic waste site and are surprised that they develop disease. These same people who are filling their bodies with toxins also have the temerity to call those who are paying attention to what they stick into their bodies, “health food nuts”. Who is nuts?

When it comes to emotional, mental and spiritual health, the level of denial is even greater. People ingest emotional, mental and spiritual toxins like a child eats candy at Halloween and somehow expect or pretend that they will be able to maintain emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being.

What are you inputting, toxins or nutrients? Take a good look at yourself. What is in your heart, your mind, and your spirit? What are you feeling, thinking and believing?

Is your heart filled with the toxins of anger, jealousy, trepidation, doubt, worry, regret, guilt and fear? Or, is your heart filled with the nutrients of joy, peace, confidence, compassion, appreciation, gratitude and love?

What are your predominant thought patterns? What exactly are you thinking? Have you paid attention lately to how and what you are thinking? Has it occurred to you that the quality and character of your thinking is dependent upon the information you are inputting into your mind?

What information are you inputting into your very own human bio-computer? How many hours a day do you spend downloading into your mind the toxicity of television programming? How many hours a day do you spend downloading nutritional mental information? Read a good book lately? What was it about? Are you feeding yourself poison and expecting to be healthy?

Do not make the mistake of thinking that because something is well crafted, like your favorite TV shows, that it is nutritional or at worst, innocuous. A nuclear weapon is extremely well crafted, but only the most diabolical mind could ever find any nutrient value in it. It is pure toxicity. It is not a nutrient. It is not innocuous. If it is not a nutrient, it is a toxin. Surely you don’t really think that TV show is nutritious, that it contributes to your well-being.

So, you watch, almost every evening, some soporific soap opera and then follow that with the nightly nightmare news and then are surprised that your dreams and your waking thoughts are full of unpleasantness and your world is filled with neurosis, disease, danger, lack and limitation. Garbage in = garbage out.

People who claim to love their children park them in front of the electronic babysitter for hours on end and then are horrified that children walk into a school with an automatic weapon to kill their peers. ‘There is no direct relationship between violence on TV and that in the schools and in society’. Yeah, right. Who’s in denial?

“There is no direct relationship between eating fast food and obesity. There is no direct relationship between cigarettes and health problems. There is no direct relationship between my beliefs and thoughts and my reality.”

Uh huh! Sure thing. Get a life!

What, When & Where

What will you do?.

I am going to make the assumption that the reason you have read this far into this essay is because you want more and suspect that, despite my warning about being offended by my pail full of cold water, there might be something of value in here.

This is one of my most profoundly held beliefs (opinions)… If you or I want to have more, we must first do or enact more and in order to do more, we must first be more. If you want more value, be of more value. Want more valuables? Become more valuable.

What will you do? Will you keep on being and doing what you have been? Will you expect different results? Kind of nuts, eh? So, if you want things to change in your life, you know you must change. So, change your mind. You know, that part of you that is the control panel… your mind.

When will you do that?

Will you start tomorrow? Next week? When you finish school? When the kids are all grown up? When the president of the world says that you can? After you read 56.5 more books on personal development? When will you make the choice to exercise a little discipline and take control of your 1440? Why not now?

Where will you have to be?

In your next opportunity or your next life? You can always only begin or continue from where you are now. You might as well make the decision to get started right here and now to create the life of your dreams and fondest desires. You might as well begin here to appreciate the gift of life, the gift of you. Right here; right now… decide to be reverent this very moment, to relish this very moment, to contribute in this very moment.

Loose the shackles that bind you.

Drop the addictions that do not serve you. Become free. If it is true that your beliefs and thoughts create your reality picture, then, if you want to change or enhance your reality picture in any way, you must change what you believe and think.

Are you being held back by your beliefs? Are you being restricted by your thinking? We sadly shake our heads at the dilemma of the heroin addict, ‘That poor junkie. Why doesn’t he/she just quit? That stuff is ruining their life and is likely going to kill them’, but we hide our heads in the sand about our own addictions to non-productive (toxic, even) ways of believing and thinking.

Like the junkie, we are in denial about our addiction. We know in our hearts that we are ingesting toxic material but we somehow manage to deny that it will damage us. It is highly likely that you have core beliefs that are highly toxic and detrimental to you and your self-realization. It is also highly likely that you have predominant recurring thought patterns that are highly toxic.

Why are you holding onto things that do not serve you? Drop the addictions. Freedom awaits.

Examine your self honestly. Take a good close look at the who and how you are being.

The intention question is a good way to do this.

What is my intention in thinking the way I think? Do you know why you think what you think? What influences your habitual thought patterns? Take a good long critical look at the way you think and why you think what you think. You may be surprised to learn that you actually do very little thinking on purpose and that most of what goes on in your mind is, at best, useless chatter and, at worst, toxic.

It is hard work to examine your own thinking processes. Your mind will resist; like a teenage criminal, it knows that it is misbehaving and resists close examination of its activities.

Despite the opinions to the contrary held by ad agencies and propagandists, your mind belongs to you. It is your tool and like any tool, it can only be of maximum use to you if you learn how to properly control it and use it with intent. Learn how to and start now to think on purpose, intentionally, instead of accidentally or according to your previous programming.

Learn how to program yourself. Think for yourself. Always ask why.

Ask…what is my intention in holding the beliefs that I hold? My bet is that you did not have any intent when you adopted the majority of your beliefs. My bet is that those who influenced you to take on those beliefs did have some intent in mind. Are other people’s intentions controlling your life?

Truth Or Consequence

Prime probability: You have been and are being deceived by those you trust the most for your spiritual education. Some of that deception may be intentionally done in an attempt to control your behavior and your wallet and some may be done simply out of ignorance. Whatever the motivation, lies are being presented as truth; worse, often they are being presented as being THE TRUTH.

These deceptions are preventing you from knowing and owning your sacred and divine self.

Some of the lies you may have bought into are presented here and some alternative perspectives are presented for your consideration. Please remember that I am not doing this to intentionally offend or upset you and everything I say here is only my opinion. I only desire to wake you up to your freedom to choose what, how and why to believe, to empower you to be free to be all that you desire to be.

Beliefs create reality.

When you are free to choose your beliefs, you become empowered to create. When you are imprisoned by your beliefs, you remain a mere creature.

Anyone, including me, who claims to represent THE TRUTH, is a liar, a deceiver. No book, no church, no prophet, no preacher, no guru, no writer has ever been granted an exclusive license to represent The Truth. You are the only consciousness that can ever determine what is true for you.

However, please remind yourself that whatever truth you choose to hold is likely incomplete, so why imagine or pretend otherwise? If there is some grand all-encompassing truth (and I doubt it), the human intellect is not a tool capable of imagining, defining, understanding or communicating it.

Why do I doubt that there is an all-encompassing truth? Simply because the infinite is infinite and contains all possibilities and potentialities, including its own potential to constantly become more than its own grand, all-encompassing truth.

In my experience with the infinite, it cannot be known completely, only approached. That does not mean that you cannot become intimate with it, only, like a lover, you can only ever get closer to knowing the depth of what is available in the relationship.

To imagine that some current mythology, no matter how culturally pervasive or how stridently affirmed, is any more valid than any other, past or present, in any other culture, time or place is willful self-delusion.

As soon as you, or even humanity as a whole, decide something is known for certain, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be proven wrong or at least incomplete with the passage of time and greater understanding. Every human understanding and belief should, therefore, be considered to be only theory, even when, or especially when, it is called fact or truth.

All good scientists know this. Even though Einstein’s theory of relativity looks pretty good and most scientists buy into it and it is generally accepted as fact, it is still called a theory.

Quantum mechanics is only a theory, but I believe in it; I believe it is true. It is a good metaphor. It has a major impact on the way I think about and see reality; but it is only just a theory. String theory, although it is getting close to describing the whole of how the physical universe(s) works, is a just a theory. Newton’s laws… only a theory.

Why would you imagine that your spiritual truths and beliefs should be any different? The ancient Greeks were deluded in their beliefs about Zeus and his pantheon of major and minor gods and goddesses, but your beliefs are now The Real Truth? Who is kidding whom? Your most profoundly held spiritual belief is only a theory, an opinion.

That is not to say that your beliefs contain no value; it only means the value is relative, not conclusive or all-inclusive. They may be highly relative to how and why you choose to live your life, but they may not be the least bit relative or important to how and why your neighbor or I choose to live our lives. Are our choices any less valuable than yours? Who says so? Why?

Fear is what says this is THE Way. Love says there is A way. Love says this is my way and I think it is valuable enough to share. Love also says it is also possible that your way is as valuable as mine. Fear says my way is right and your way is wrong. Love says your way may be right for you and my way may be right for me. Neither one of us can know, especially if we are not prepared to consider the validity of another way.

Fear says, “I know THE TRUTH”; Love says, “I know a truth, or even, I know my truth.” Wouldn’t you rather be in love than be in fear? Love creates; fear destroys. Love uplifts; fear denigrates.

Why choose fear? It cripples you. It prevents you from knowing and becoming all that you are capable of being. Choose love. It empowers you.

Let’s take a little look at some people who have chosen fear…

There are almost 10 million Jehovah’s Witnesses who believe that only 144,000 people will make it to the Promised Land, to heaven, and somehow they have convinced themselves that their religion is a nutrient and not a toxin. The toxicity they have fed themselves or allowed themselves to be fed has poisoned their spirit to such an extent that they actually take pleasure in believing that 99.9% of their fellow humans are dammed to incredible suffering on the Day of Judgment.

This judgment is predicted to happen on the last day of the world, which, in turn, has been predicted by their spiritual elders as being first, 1914, then 1925, then it was 1975, then 1999. I don’t know about you, but it looks to me like the world is still here. Next day of reckoning coming soon to a pulpit near you. Are you ready? Get ready. Read Watchtower. It will help you to prepare.

These 10 million people all must live in fear of being excluded from that very exclusive club of 144,000 special folks. How they can manage to convince themselves that any one of them deserves heaven holding such toxicity in their hearts, minds and spirits is completely beyond me. How there can be 10 million people who believe this nonsense boggles the mind. What is even funnier…they still try and recruit more members, thereby reducing their odds of gaining entry.

Ok. It is admittedly easy for one to see the idiocy of this and to make fun of it, but ask yourself this: Do some of these same exclusionary attitudes exist in your favorite religion?

Will only those who buy into your particular belief system make it to heaven, achieve nirvana or escape the cycle of reincarnation?

Look closely… it all sounds like some marketing promotion for a special event; only members of the ‘XYZ-In club’ can qualify to get tickets or passes to this event. Become a member today and you will qualify. Sign up now, operators are waiting. Have your credit card handy. Sign up today and save, no, make that—get saved.

Now, it is highly likely you are getting offended. But why? What difference does it make to you if I call into question what you believe to be The Truth? Unless it unsettles you because, deep down, you know that you may have bought into a pack of lies.

If what I believe and say is likely to put me amongst the dammed instead of the blessed, then you should be saying, ‘Good riddance. At least that is someone else who is not competing for one of those 144,000 reserved spots and the special attention of that big judgmental guy who lives in the clouds.’ 😉

Are you waiting for the rapture? The second coming of Jesus? The mother ship from the Pleiades? The ascension to the 5th dimension? Waiting for anyone else to save you from the world you are busy creating?

Come on, get a life. Wake up!

Do you hold your religious beliefs simply because you are afraid of dying? Do you attempt to find meaning for your life in some theology about an afterlife simply because you don’t have the courage to assign purpose and meaning to your life now while you are alive? Do you really need some stern parental image of divinity that doles out love and rewards according to your adherence to some set of rules?

Grow up. Get a life.

If you want to be at one with the divine and to exist within the sacred, why put it off for some imagined future. Be sacred now. Be divine now. Well, you already are; but wake up to your divinity and your sacredness. Get reverent now. Why wait?


No, not that kind.

Power and potential are synonymous. Your ultimate personal power exists, not in who you are, what you do and what you have now. It lies in your potential to become. As you become more, you are empowered… more.

Be more aware, more knowledgeable, more insightful, more in control of your own self and you become more powerful.

Be more appreciative of the gift of your life and you will become more enabled to consciously create more of what you desire.

Be more reverent of all things and you will become more empowered to be in the sacred now. Learn to relish what life has to offer and you will become more filled with joy now. Become more contributory to life and you will discover the purpose and meaning of your life here and now.

Why wait for next Saturday or the next life or the afterlife? Be in the presence of the divine and sacred now by becoming aware of your own divine and sacred nature now.

If your true power resides in your potential, then how great is your imagination? What do you imagine yourself capable of becoming? Do you have the expansive imagination of a child or do you have the shrunken imagination that many adults have resigned themselves to? Are you imprisoned by, limited by your predominant thoughts and core beliefs?

“Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” N. Hill informed us. Can you imagine or conceive of yourself as being fully aware of your divine nature? Are you willing to believe it? If so, then it can be achieved.

In your conceptualizations and beliefs resides your power, your creative ability. Imagination and intention, thought and belief are the keys to your potential and power, your potency.

Hone your creative skills; develop your imagination, refine your intentions; develop clarity, congruency and control of your thoughts and beliefs.

Your finest creation is your self.

What do you imagine yourself to be? What do you conceive of yourself as being capable of becoming? Do you see (imagine) yourself to be limited or limitless, creature or creator, mundane or sacred?

What do you intend on being, doing and having? What is the intention in what you are thinking, imagining, conceiving and believing? Are you intending to become all you are capable of becoming or have you resigned yourself to being less than that?

Do you have or will you develop the discipline to achieve clarity, congruency and control of your thoughts and beliefs? Do you need reminding that self-discipline means to be a disciple unto yourself?

Stop being a disciple to this or that. Stop giving away your power. Become your own disciple. Learn to express your love and your will.

Look at how power is used in the world. The two primary motivators of human beings are love and fear. Which is used more? What is being used to motivate you to behave in a certain way, to think in a certain way, to believe certain things? Why? For whose benefit?

Which do you most use to motivate others? Are you guilty of abusing your power by using fear instead of love to get what you desire?

Those who want to dis-empower you use fear to weaken you. Those who want to empower you use love to strengthen you.

Learn to love yourself. Empower yourself. Learn to love others; empower others. Stop allowing yourself to be manipulated by the fear mongers. Be love. Be loving. Beloved.

What should you believe in?

Believe in you. What should you think? Whatever you are willing to. To be willing has two meanings. One is passive; to be willing is to be allowing. One is active; to be willing is to be resolute. Are you allowing or are you resolving that you will think what, how and why you think what you think?

What exactly are you thinking? Why? To what intent? To what purpose?

How are you living your life? Why? To what purpose?

Take charge of you. Stop just existing. Get a life. Accept and appreciate the gift.

Accept responsibility. Then take action. Go make a contribution. Change the world.

About Leslie Fieger

Author of several books including The DELFIN Trilogy, Your Prosperity Paradigm, The Master Key, Alexandra's DragonFire and Awakenings. Speaker; Meme Therapist and Professional Beach Bum
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5 Responses to Get A Life

  1. helencking says:

    I’m a tea-drinker Leslie, not a beer drinker – and your posting has revived me like a good ole cuppa. Thank you. Helen (a Delfin K-S member of yesteryear).

  2. I love your point that it is not how you are living, but why are you living. At the moment I can’t find the words to express how much of an impression this post made on me today. But, I will by asking myself why I am living and finding that answer.

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