The Edge is Crumbling

A little over seven years ago, I wrote an article called The Precipice. It was intended to be both a wake up call and a call to action.

Today, the situation faced by humanity is more desperate than ever. In fact, we may be already well and truly fucked. The warning signs I referenced in that 2005 article are, today, no longer the strong indicators of the potential dire consequences that we will face if we do not radically alter the way we go about living on this planet. They are now the historical reports of how we ran heedlessly into disaster.

It is my belief that we have passed the point of being able to avert the environmental catastrophe that awaits. It is coming. It will be soon. All we can do now is hope to somehow survive and perhaps learn the hard lessons that await us, so that, if we manage to rebuild some semblance of a modern civilization, we won’t continue to fuck things up.

At the most basic level, we need air, food and water to live. Toys and creature comforts become irrelevant when you do not have the essentials to even survive. We have poisoned the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. And most sadly of all, we have poisoned our minds and our spirits.

Our atmosphere is degraded to the point where there is an ongoing global $trillion effort to mitigate the catastrophic effects of global warming and to attempt to replace the diminished protective ozone layer. The atmosphere is being seeded with barium and aluminum and complex polymer fibers in an attempt to save the world from environmental collapse. I do not personally think it will work. It is a move made out of desperation and the side effects will include the further degeneration of soil and water quality, an increase in the rate of species extinction and the deaths of a couple of billion people.

The pollution of the air we breathe and the degradation of our atmosphere continues unabated. We can easily blame industry. They are culpable. But, each of us contributes directly. The lifestyle we lead is the cause.

25,000 people (16,000 of them children) are dying every single day from starvation. That is about to get a lot worse and may soon include you. Yes, you. Crop yields are down worldwide. Millions of acres of previously usable agricultural land have disappeared. Monsanto and its ilk continue to contaminate the food that is produced.

We eat in order to provide our bodies the nutrition they need in order to live. Unfortunately, much, if not most of the food, we now eat contains poisons that are destroying, not nourishing, our health. GMO crops are not a solution to the global hunger problem. They contribute to the problem. So do you when you shop unconsciously at your local supermarket or eat a hamburger at your local fast food outlet.

Most people will not read this message. Most will not heed the warnings. Most will turn on their television sets and fill their minds with more poisons. Most will continue to remain asleep or in denial. Most will refuse to take responsibility for what we have done and continue to do to destroy ourselves.

Nevertheless, despite how I feel about the desperateness of the situation we are facing, I continue to believe it is my spiritual/ethical/moral duty to continue to elevate the way I go about being on this planet. That means not only doing what I can to live in harmony with Mother Earth; it also means doing what I can to wake other people up to what is going on, to encourage them to take responsibility for the situation and incite them to become activists.

So here it is again, my call to action. Wake the fuck up. Educate yourself about what is really going on in the world. Stop debasing your body, your planet, your spiritual self. Start taking responsibility. Become an activist. Read The Precipice.

For a more eloquent and detailed explanation of the true nature of our situation, read Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet by BillMcKibbon

Click on the book cover below for an informative slide show from a relatively optimistic activist…

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Author of several books including The DELFIN Trilogy, Your Prosperity Paradigm, The Master Key, Alexandra's DragonFire and Awakenings. Speaker; Meme Therapist and Professional Beach Bum
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2 Responses to The Edge is Crumbling

  1. I’m think we doing sort of a slow burn rather than running off the cliff. We may collectively be able to grab hold of a few branches and outcroppings on the way down. After I read that book ‘The Politics of Food’ I am convinced that mass starvation is caused by trying to grow the wrong types of cash crops instead of food crops in the wrong place and corrupt politics and corrupt corporations prevent food from getting to the people that need it, more than for environmental reasons. That’s my two cents.

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