The Miracle of You!

In the beginning there was the void. Then, there was the universe. The current descriptive theory of that event, still unfolding, is called ‘The Big Bang’.

You could also say, once upon a no-time, there was no universe, and then suddenly, there was time and space. Somehow, it happened or got created. How and why?

Once upon a time, you were not here. Now you are. Somehow that happened. Sure, I know that sperm fertilized egg to make zygote and then it kept dividing and multiplying until your body was formed and you slid out the birth canal to show up on planet earth. That is how you were enabled to get a body to hang out here with and to experience this journey; but how did the you that inhabits your body show up? And why?

You might be of the opinion that you showed up here because of a random biochemical event. You might be of the opinion that you showed up here because of some deity’s plan. In other words, it was either an accident or according to someone else’s purpose.

I am of the opinion that you chose to come here for your own purposes, according to your own plan. The how is because of vibrational affinity. You were drawn or attracted here by something that you are aligned with or are in harmony with. The why is for you to decide. Maybe, you already have.

My why is, “to revere, relish and contribute”. For me, that translates to:

To revere is to be awestruck by the beauty and complexity of creation— to hold all things, including myself as ‘sacred’. To Love. To Esteem.

To relish is to enjoy: to participate whole-heartedly in the experience of being alive on planet earth. To be Joyful. To be Grateful.

To contribute is to self-actualize my potentiality and potency to self-evolve from mere creature to creator. To be Causal. To leave a legacy.

When I was born into this world, I was so overwhelmed by the experience that I was struck dumb and could not speak for many months. A joke, perhaps; but so many people have been so overwhelmed by the physical experience of being alive that they have been struck dumb, so to speak, and have forgotten the essential truth that all things physical arise out of the metaphysical.

The physical is so intricate and wondrous that it entices people to be so caught up in it that they do not see that it is merely the effect and the cause is the metaphysical.

It is my hope that you too will come to see the why of your life as being to revere, relish and contribute.

However, I’ll leave the why up to you and the rest of this book will deal with the how… how it all happens.

Science is an attempt to understand the forces that act upon the world to bring about our reality. It looks closely at the physical in order to divine the metaphysical, often, in the case of many individual scientists, without even realizing it.

I had my first (that I consciously remember) transcendental experience of cosmic consciousness when I was 19 years old. I have had several since then. As a consequence of these experiences, I tend to look closely at the metaphysical in order to divine the physical.

Modern sciences, especially quantum physics and cosmology, are starting to sound a lot like metaphysics. Advances in molecular biology (DNA sequencing) and nano-technology are getting close to providing us with a real philosopher’s stone, the ancient quest of metaphysicians, which will enable us to transmute matter at its basic level. Systems theory and ecology are enabling us to comprehend the intricacy and interdependence of all things in all places and all times.

We are poised, as a species, on a threshold. We are about to become conscious creators. Like the butterfly, we will mutate to leave the creature/caterpillar behind.

This information age we are passing through right now is like the cocoon from which we will awake to fly into the age of conscious awareness.

The Biosphere facilitated the Infosphere.

The Infosphere will facilitate the Noosphere elucidated by Teilhard de Chardin.

Once upon a time, there was no Biosphere, then, suddenly, there was.
Once upon a time, there was no Infosphere, then, suddenly, there was.
Once upon a time, there was no Noosphere, then, suddenly…
You woke up!

Everything in the entire universe, big and small, visible and invisible, is composed of energy.

Quarks and quasars, gluons and galaxies, protons and persons, molecules and minds, sunsets and sensations, electrons and eBooks, anything and everything, are all composed of energy. All matter and all anti-matter is composed of energy. There is even a formula describing it. E= mc2. In order to properly understand the nature of reality, what matters is not matter, itself, but the energy that enables it.

In other words, in order to accurately know a thing, anything, including yourself, you must understand the energy that enables it to exist.

Energy is comprised of coherent vibrations or waveforms.

According to modern physics, the energy that enables the universe to exist has been subdivided into four categories; weak nuclear force that acts to hold sub-atomic particles together, strong nuclear force that acts to hold atoms together, electromagnetism that acts to hold molecules together, and gravity that acts to hold large molecular structures such as galaxies, together.

Weak nuclear force determines the behavior of quantum particles such as neutrinos, leptons and quarks that make up atomic particles like protons and neutrons. Without his force there would be no coherence of atomic nuclei. You would not exist without it. Neither would anything else. Weak nuclear force is a coherent vibration.

Strong nuclear force holds the nucleus of atoms, neutrons and protons, together. Without this force, you would have no atomic coherence and would not exist. Neither would anything else. Strong nuclear force is a coherent vibration.

Electromagnetism is the force that determines the behavior of charged particles like the electron and magnetized particles like ions. Without his force, there would be no molecular coherence and you would not exist and neither would anything else. Electromagnetism is a coherent vibration.

Gravity is the force that holds galaxies together, holds the earth in orbit around the sun and holds your body to this planet. Without it, nothing would exist. Gravity is a coherent vibration.
What permits or enables the existence of the universe and everything in it, including you, is coherent vibration or harmony. Creation happens because of harmonics. The how of creation is the expression of harmony.

The universe and everything in it, including you, is comprised or made up of harmonic waveforms.

A waveform or vibration is characterized, or is measurable and definable, by amplitude, periodicity, frequency and shape.

Amplitude is the size of the waveform. Periodicity is the length of time a waveform exists or occurs.

Frequency is how often a waveform repeats or recurs within a given period of time. Shape is the form that the wave takes as it moves thru time and space. Some waves change. Some stay the same.

These waves that stay the same are often called standing waves or solitons. They have more coherence than the changeling or mutable waveforms.

I can almost hear you thinking, “What on earth is he on about and why all this stuff about physics, waves and such?”

I am going to assume that you would prefer to have a life that goes your way. That is to say, you would like to be happy and successful. That means that you will need to learn how to create events, circumstances and conditions in your life that are in tune with your aspirations for yourself.

So, you need to learn how creation works in order to become an effective creator. In order to manifest that which you desire in life, you will need to apply the same rules that are used for all creation.

So, getting back to reality… amplitude and shape are space related aspects of waves and periodicity and frequency are time related aspects of waves.

The combination of the time and space related aspects of waveforms or vibrations are what molds your four dimensional reality of the time/space continuum and all things in it.

Your thoughts and your desires are waveforms. Your beliefs are waveforms. Passing thoughts and casual desires are mutable waveforms. Clear consistent thought patterns and constant fervent desires are solitons. Opinions are mutable waveforms. Core beliefs are solitons.

Mutable waveforms adapt to pre-existing circumstances and conditions. Solitons pass through circumstances and conditions unchanged in themselves and effect change on the environment they pass through.

That means that if you take control of your thoughts, desires and beliefs in order to bring about a consistency and harmony to them, you will be able to create effects rather than be an effect. You can learn to be causal rather than merely effectual. You can learn to be creator instead of mere creature.

The various waveforms that make up the universe we perceive emanate from a universal consciousness.

The way you perceive your reality is by the interaction of your individual consciousness with these waveforms.

Your eyes do not see things any more than a camera lens sees things. They only focus light waves in order to stimulate an electrochemical event in your brain. Your mind, an aspect of your consciousness, then interprets the patterns of these sparking neurons in order to create a picture in your imagination.

Your ears do not hear sound any more than a microphone hears sound. They only focus sound waves in order to stimulate an electrochemical event in your brain. Your mind, an aspect of your consciousness, then interprets the patterns of these sparking neurons in order to create an impression.

Your tongue does not taste. Your nose does not smell. Your skin does not feel. All that happens is that your nerves are being stimulated by waveforms. This stimulation creates electrochemical events in your brain that your mind interprets in order to elucidate the interaction of your consciousness with universal consciousness.

Your conception of reality is completely determined, defined and limited by your perceptual abilities. When you allow your picture of reality to be defined by your physical sen5es, you are restricting yourself.

In order to fully comprehend the nature of reality, you must first understand the nature of consciousness.

Energy is created by consciousness. Consciousness pervades energy infusing it with its attributes as delineated by the four forces previously described and the four aspects of waveforms also previously described.

All things contain consciousness: photons, leptons, electrons, gravitons and imaginatons* all contain consciousness.

*An imaginaton is a basic wave/particle of mind—a thought; just as a graviton is a basic wave/particle of gravity and a photon is a basic wave/particle of light.

Every thought originates in consciousness. Every thought creates a waveform defined by amplitude, periodicity, frequency and shape.

The universe is a thought form of a universal consciousness. Your ability to think enables you to have an effect on the universe or to be causal.

Why not choose to do it consciously instead of unconsciously? You get to create on purpose instead of by accident.

Old Albert was a brilliant human being. His insights and theories radically improved the human capacity to conceptualize the nature of the universe and freed human imagination from the restrictions of previous ages. His insight into the real nature of gravity will forever stand out as a milestone in scientific advancement. He made, however, a few errors along the way that created their own restrictions in human thought.

The first error is that the speed of light is the universal speed limit. Both tachyons and imaginatons travel faster than 300,000 kilometers per second. Light itself, under certain circumstances, travels faster than 300,000 kilometers per second.

The second error is that Energy equals matter multiplied by (the speed of light multiplied by the speed of light). E=mc2 and its correlate equation of Mass equals Energy divided by (the speed of light multiplied by the speed of light). m=E/c2.

He should have intuited instead that, since matter, as you experience it, exists in three dimensions; it is necessary for light to bend back upon itself in three dimensions or three times in order to form the matter of your universe. The more correct formula would be m=E/c3.

Additionally, since the total energy output of universal consciousness is not limited to what exists and is measurable in matter (or anti-matter, for that matter), it is even incorrect or incomplete to say that E=mc3. E=mc9 is also as correct in some instances.

Cosmological scientists are busy, almost desperately busy, looking for all the missing (or invisible) so-called dark matter to explain why there is more energy than adds up using their formulas based upon two fundamental errors or suppositions; the maximum speed limit and the concept that energy of the theorized big-bang event is definable by the total amount of matter in the universe.

Einstein’s third error was to disbelieve such basic fundamentals of quantum mechanics as non-locality and the uncertainty principle. This is not such a matter of import since it has not limited the imaginations, beliefs and experimental thoughts of other scientists who are attempting to grasp the fundamental nature of reality.

Almost all scientists are, however, still buying into the two other theories of A.E. Scientists may be brilliant, intuitive and imaginative, but they are human and tend to be self-limiting by the habitual beliefs and thoughts they adopt, just like you limit yourself by your habitual way of thinking, conceptualizing and believing.

You might well be wondering what this has to do with your personal self-actualization.
More than your perceptual abilities limit your picture of reality; your conceptual abilities limit your picture of reality. As long as your picture of reality and your role in it is incomplete…YOU ARE INCOMPLETE. And your ability to come into your full potential is incomplete.

If you do not fully know how things are, how can you possibly behave appropriately? In other words, if you do not understand the rules of the game, how can you possibly play it to your best ability?

As soon as you grasp that your thoughts (imaginatons) can travel faster than the speed of light, you can see that you are not bound or limited by time. In other words, just as you can remember the past and believe it to be real; you can imagine or remember the future and believe it to be real. More even, you can get away from the whole concept of time being a linear dimension or direction like up, down, sideways, forward or back.

As soon as you grasp that matter is energy or waveforms tied into three-dimensional knots, you can begin to perceive of the possibility that someplace, there might exist a dimension where what is perceived as matter is composed of energy tied into four or five or six dimensional knots. You can conceive of multi-dimensionality and understand that your consciousness is not bound or limited by 3D space.

Imagine being limited by neither time nor space. Imagine being multi-dimensional. What if your physical experience of life on planet earth does not define the totality of YOU? What if your consciousness is not tied to your body/brain? What if your consciousness just happens to be present here and now, but is not limited to here and now?

What if it were your thoughts, desires and beliefs that are constructing your picture of

Imagine how easy it would be to transform yourself from mere creature of circumstance to conscious creator if you could re- construct reality by transforming your thoughts, emotions and beliefs.
Your current reality picture is formed by the interaction of the output of your consciousness—electromagnetic waveforms, with the output of a universal consciousness … electromagnetic waveforms.

These interactions form interference patterns that create the hologram you perceive as your world and your universe. Since the output of universal consciousness consists principally of a complex matrix of long-standing solitons and your output consists mainly of constantly changing waveforms, wavelets even, it appears to you that your thoughts, emotions and beliefs have little or no effect on your reality.

This is an illusion caused by your inability to focus your attention on either the immediate here and now or on the complete picture as it unfolds. More than an illusion, it is a self-delusion to imagine that you are, in any way, separate from the entirety.

You are a part of the whole. You are in no way apart from the whole.

Just as the phosphorus molecules form the two twisting spirals that are the legs of the ladder of DNA to which the various combinations of the carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen molecules (as adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine) attach to form the steps of the DNA double helix ladder, the two space related aspects of wave forms (shape and amplitude) form one leg or part of the braid and the two time related aspects (frequency and periodicity) of the waveform form the other leg of this twisted braid.

And so it is with every aspect of creation, from quarks to quasars. Electrons, photons, gravitons and imaginatons are all waveforms defined by these four aspects braided together like two lovers intertwined in ecstasy.

This is where you come in.

This is where you get to see how you can become a conscious creator. This is where you get to know how the metaphysical you (what some call the higher self) gets to play or create in the physical.

You may have missed it. Imaginatons (your thoughts) are waveforms defined by frequency, periodicity, amplitude and shape. So are your emotions. So are your beliefs.

When you think, you emanate a waveform. When you emote, you emanate a waveform. When you hold a belief, you emanate a waveform.

These waveforms, like all waveforms, create either a harmonic or a discordancy, a symphony or a cacophony, music or noise.

Here is a question for you? What are you presently creating in your life? Noise (discord), or, music (harmony)?

Consciousness emanates energy as waveforms. All things are composed of these waveforms. All things contain consciousness. The consciousness resident in most things is not self-aware consciousness like yours and consequently, automatically falls into sympathetic (or harmonic) vibration with whatever solitons pass through local time/space.

That is why a strong coherent microwave beam can alter or destroy DNA. That is why the molecules of your heart muscle all beat together to pump the frequency holding crystals of your blood throughout your body. That is why carbon molecules fuse out of helium in the heart of the nuclear furnaces you call stars. That is why black holes suck in all local matter and light. Strong coherent standing waveforms affect lesser waveforms. They form a harmonic that creates sympathetic vibrations in the local surrounding space/time.

When your thoughts are scattered, incoherent, you get to be a creature of circumstance of pre-existing stronger vibratory influences (like perhaps, your societal groupthink).

When you learn to hold strong coherent thoughts, you get to be a creator of circumstance, because your immediate environment will naturally tend to come into sympathetic vibratory resonance with your standing waveform emanations.

Likewise with your emotional output and your beliefs.

That’s right! The results you have in your life (your reality picture) right now are the result of your method and quality of thinking, emoting and believing.

You probably got this already. Mastery is living your life with conscious intent. Mastery is achieved through the intentional congruity of belief, thought, emotion, word and deed.

Master your beliefs.

Examine your core beliefs closely. What are they? Where did they come from? Why do you hold them? Do they serve you? Are they holding you back from your full self-actualization?

If you can honestly answer these questions, you will find that many of your essential belief systems are simply inherited or assumed. You will also find that many of your beliefs are non-functional; that is, they produce no value and are limiting your growth and freedom.

You can choose your beliefs. Choose new ones. Choose to believe in what serves you.

Master your thoughts.

How many of your thoughts are consciously chosen? How many are random noise? What predominant thought patterns cycle in your head like an endlessly repeating tape loop? You have a constant loop of self-talk going on in the background. What are you telling yourself? Does it serve you?

You can reprogram your self-talk. You can choose what and how to think.

Master your emotions.

Most people feel in response to outside stimuli. Why not choose how to feel? You can choose to feel powerful. You can choose to feel joyful. You can choose to feel peaceful. You can choose to feel loved and loving. No matter the circumstance.

Master your words.

Speak your ideals. Speak your truth. Speak your creativity. Speak your power. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Stop repeating the drivel of the groupthink cultural mindset as fed to you by the media.

Master your actions.

Do what serves you. Why do you waste your life doing things that simply eat up the passing moments of your life? Get focused on fulfilling your potential.

Master these and you will also achieve mastery of the results that show up in your life.


About Leslie Fieger

Author of several books including The DELFIN Trilogy, Your Prosperity Paradigm, The Master Key, Alexandra's DragonFire and Awakenings. Speaker; Meme Therapist and Professional Beach Bum
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