More Swine Flu News

CNN reports this morning that the first person to die of the Swine Flu in the USA is a 2 year old in Texas. My sincere condolences to the family. But let’s look at some real facts and stop focussing on the media hype.

In my previous post about this so-called Flu Pandemic, I made note of the fact that in any given average year 36,000 people die from the flu in the USA. Basically that means that every single day about 100 people die from the flu in the USA.

Now you are supposed to panic and imagine a global plague is on its way to devatate your town and family because one child in Texas died from this particular strain of the flu??? Were you terrified before when the other 99 Americans died from other strains of flu yesterday and the day before that and every day before that? Get a life!

Yes, it is sad that 159 Mexicans died from Swine Flu in the last ten days; but you know what… MORE than 1500 Mexicans died in the last ten days from other strains of the flu as PER NORMAL. Were you afraid then???

Pictures of people wearing a mask to protect themselves fom this pandemic (sic) are everywhere on the media these days. WHY?  Around the world more than 1/4 million people die every single year from the flu. That is 685+ people every day of the year. There is another respiratory infection that kills 5,000 people a day. It is called Tuberculosis. Now that you know that, why don’t you wear a mask every day? Surely you are smart enough to see that it is just plain silly to buy into this hype.

I am going to stop referring to this as the swine flu and start calling it the mutton flu instead. Why? Because it affects mostly sheeple.

And just to give you more to worry about, 106,000 Americans die every year from doctor prescribed medication. That means that every day, about 300 Americans who go visit their doctor because they are sick or are in pain and take what the doc gives them end up dead. Yes, their own doc kills them with the supposed cure. And that is 3 times (300%) as many as die of the flu!!!

Which reminds me of a joke… Do you know the difference between doctors and the rest of us? Doctors get to bury their mistakes. The rest of us get to live with them.

Stressed out now? Getting depressed? Try taking some Prozac. It only kills a few thousand people  a year. If you are a gambler, the odds aren’t too bad.

I’ll leave you with a smile. I found this on another blog.

It is time for my breakfast. I think I will walk down the hill, go buy a pack of smokes and then go for a beer. Why? Read this

Do your own brainwashing. Turn off your television and turn on your inner vision.

Lighten up. Even if you can remember, 5 years from now, what is so critically important today, you’ll likely wonder how you could have been so foolish as to place so much importance on it.

Enjoy the rideIt is highly unlikely that you are going to survive the experience of life on planet earth. So stop worrying about it and start enjoying the thrills.


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Author of several books including The DELFIN Trilogy, Your Prosperity Paradigm, The Master Key, Alexandra's DragonFire and Awakenings. Speaker; Meme Therapist and Professional Beach Bum
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2 Responses to More Swine Flu News

  1. 5/13/2009 Thanks for putting some perspective on this problem. I am sending this out to my CafeMom friends and posting it too! We have to keep sane in this world somehow. I was thinking about going to a doctor this week-changed ma mind….lol////

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