Are You Hungry Yet?

13 million children starved to death during your last trip around the sun and you may not even been aware of it.

While this was happening, half the food that is produced in the world each year is wasted.

Raj Patel, author of “Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System,” says the right to food should be seen as a human right. But, he says, powerful corporate food distributors control too much of the world’s food supply to ensure a robust global food supply.

Patel says “2008 was a record year in terms of harvest. There’s more food per person in 2008 than there’s ever been in history. The problem is not food, but how we distribute it.”

“A lot of people have begun to understand at various levels that the food system, as it is, can’t go on,” says Paul Roberts, author of “The End of Food.”

Every time an American bites down on a steak or hamburger, they’re contributing to global hunger, Roberts says. As other countries become more affluent, they’re copying our meat-heavy diet. The problem: It takes so much grain and other resources to produce meat, he says.

“If the rest of the world were to eat like we do, the planet would collapse,” Roberts says. “There’s been this unspoken assumption that the rest of the world won’t eat meat like we do. That doesn’t go over well in countries like China.”

Fixing our food system would be similar to weaning ourselves of our addiction to oil, Roberts says. It’s going to require innovation, heavy business involvement and changes in public policy.

The world is in the midst of a food crisis and it will soon affect you.
Monsanto, Cargill and other conglomerates are in control of our food and they don’t care who starves while they make a profit. 
For more about Monsanto, see my previous post 

So what are you doing about it? Go here to find out how to help.


About Leslie Fieger

Author of several books including The DELFIN Trilogy, Your Prosperity Paradigm, The Master Key, Alexandra's DragonFire and Awakenings. Speaker; Meme Therapist and Professional Beach Bum
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One Response to Are You Hungry Yet?

  1. soegianto says:

    Hi Lis,

    I agree with you, quoting the words of mother teresa :

    What I can do, you cannot

    What you can do, I cannot

    But together, we can do

    Something Beautiful For God

    Mother Teresa, 1910-1997

    I live in Jakarta, the mother city of Indonesia, by surprising I found that in my neighborhood there are around 700 babies died because of malnutrition. It’s not in the other area such as Africa, it is in the place where I have lived for more than 28 years.

    By this condition also when I do Bible Study and read the story when Jesus feed 5000 men, I understand that we should work through what we had and not by what we don’t have.

    That’s why I join Cross Project Ministry. Our objective is The fulfillment of nutrition for children of Indigenous family by doing cultural mandate that given by GOD

    To bring children out from malnutrition has become the focus with the main reason that children are one of our country’s future assets. And therefore it is important that they have adequate nutrition.

    We believe by opening access to capital, skill and market will help to improve their self-sufficiency on increasing their standard of life.

    We have trained some housewives in Sungai Tiram, Jakarta to create a value added product such as Key Chain in the formed of Cross in a mass amount.

    We also help them to sell the cross key chain by promoting their products, and from the profit we can manage to buy a box of milk (@150mg). For every 5 Cross Key Chains sold we can buy a box of milk. A box of milk can supply 5 glass of milk to each child. Thus it can provide them with 5 days additional nutrition.

    Every 2 Weeks, we distribute around 40 box of milks to 5-10 family involved in this project. And today is the day when we distribute the milk.

    By Join Blogger Unite, make me realize that I didn’t fight alone…. Together we can do to fight the Poverty and Hunger, Not to things on what we don’t have but to do by what in our hand 🙂


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