Water Wars

Today, August 12th is Twestival Day, when volunteers from more than 200 cities around the world collaborate via Twitter to raise awareness about the world’s water problem. Problem??? Oh yes!! Over 1 billion people do not have access to clean water. That’s shocking enough. Hold on to your hats. It is going to get a lot worse. As I reported in my post The Precipice, UNESCO issued a World Water Development Report that predicts that by 2020, YOUR access to water will be reduced by 33%. Yes , YOU, your children and your neighbors will have to get by with 1/3 less water in next decade.

We all know that our actions produce results. We need to be reminded that our inaction also produces results. You can help. Spread awareness. Reduce your water consumption. Help Twestival succeed in alleviating the suffering of a billion people. Go to http://video.liveearth.org/ to find out how. You need  to pay attention to this. IT AFFECTS YOU.

For more info about the world’s water problem, go to the following websites:

A couple of videos that will educate you…



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2 Responses to Water Wars

  1. jace666 says:

    hey there all i was just reading up on water shortage crises and mobile water units and i couldnt find anything anywhere in the world and i found this website http://www.geneco2009.com a small engineering company in new zealand? and it displays products they sell and theyve got listed desalination units? i enquired about these units and they can make them biger and to order and they claim they can produce 1 litre of fresh clean h2o out of salt water pond, lake, river water e.t.c for 0.0015 cents USD. i mean isnt that cheap? or is there anything out there more economical then these advertised units? could someone maybe whos researched this let me no?

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