Feedback Loops

I’ve gotten some feedback on my blog posts and it pleases me. In addition to writing to inform and enlighten, I also write to encourage conversation and debate.

In response to my post on beer and milk, I received a few emails from people arguing that milk is good for you.
Well, I disagree. Milk is making you sick. Wake up. Maybe drinking milk also makes you stupid 🙂
Well, it does contribute to Alzeimer’s, so maybe those who think milk is healthy just have early onset Alzeimer’s.
If you live in America, here is a video with another good reason to quit drinking milk.


In response to the same post, I also receive a comment from a guy called Bob Skilnik that I was not totally correct about beer having 150 calories, so I checked him out. Boy, this guy knows a lot about beer. If you are a beer lover like me you will enjoy his blog site.

In response to my post called The Precipice, a few people emailed me or contacted me through my FaceBook account to continue the conversation. One person wanted to know why more people are not waking up. This video may have some clues.

If you do want to wake up, the videos on the Worth Knowing and Paradigm Shifters pages of this blog may help. This old article of mine may also help. The benefits from waking up? More freedom and the ability to make better choices. Better choices lead to a more successful, happier and more fulfilled life. Of course, maybe you’d rather stay home in front of the boob tube and watch the Super Bowl this weekend while downing a few gallons of Budweiser. I’d watch if they let Janet Jackson do the half time show again.

I did an online conference yesterday with my buddy Bob Yeager from Pittsburgh who is off this weekend to Ken McArthur’s JV Conference in Florida. If you contact Bob when he returns, he might send you the audio file of that conference where I talked about Conscious Acts of Creation. 

You might want to follow me on Twitter where I plan on chronicling my life as a professional beach bum. I signed up ages ago, but just caught the fever to play with it a few days ago. Ok, that’s it. I’m back to work on my new book.



About Leslie Fieger

Author of several books including The DELFIN Trilogy, Your Prosperity Paradigm, The Master Key, Alexandra's DragonFire and Awakenings. Speaker; Meme Therapist and Professional Beach Bum
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2 Responses to Feedback Loops

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  2. Penny says:

    The mass control that is exposed in the video AMERICA BEING DUMBED DOWN !!! LOW AND NO IQ !!, is scary….

    On Fluoride: My mother-in-law campaigned against this way back in the 50’s when it was first introduced into Sydney’s water supply…and was scoffed at for having such a ‘radical’ opinion; she was obsessive about the Flouride issue. Sadly, her obsession was dismissed as a side effect of Huntington’s disease, which gripped her body in the 1960’s. She was institutionalised and treated as a psyche patient before giving up her fight at only 52 years of age.

    Thankfully, Huntington’s patients are no longer occupying the psyche wards of institutions. However, more and more I’m seeing people with ‘disabilities and disorders and diseases” being shut down and shut up with drugs when in fact, they seem to have a truer, clearer picture of what’s really going on; it’s easier to give them a label, pop a puill, put them in a box – and close the lid.

    I like the fact that the grandmother of my children was brave enough to go aginst popular opinion and take a stand against what she inherently knew was not right. Sadly she was not only the victim of a congenital ‘disease’ but also the victim of a society that still continues to supress those with a ‘different;’ voice….50 years on!

    Why are we still letting this happen???

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