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Beliefs, Opinions and Purpose

The things I hear about me. Some are so imaginative, I wish they were true. Some are so malicious, I wonder if I could even be capable of doing them. I have done a lot of things in my half-century … Continue reading

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Action Speaks Louder Than Words

I have written much about how, in order to have more of what we desire in life, we must first do more and, that, in order to do more, we must first become more. In fact, the focus of the … Continue reading

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Technorati claim

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How Do You Spell Success?

A person who is illiterate can look at a word without knowing what it means. Perhaps he can recognize the shape of some of the letters; perhaps she even knows that certain of these shapes are representative of certain sounds; … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons People Do Not Succeed

I’d like to be able to tell you, like some motivational speakers I’ve heard say, that there is no reason why you cannot succeed, but the sad truth is that there are many valid reasons why people do not achieve … Continue reading

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