I'm Possible

There I was, standing on a street corner, searching my memory for the next task/errand on the list that Sandra had prepared for me and that I had carelessly left at home, when an apparition appeared.

It must have been an apparition. It was too weird and too out of place to be real. Maybe I was suffering from dehydration and heatstroke? Maybe someone had slipped some psychotropic substance in my coffee? I stood gaping, stunned into immobility by this strangeness.

I have seen plenty of oddities in my life and travels; things that others disbelieve when I relate them; things that stick out in my mind years later as vividly as when first encountered; things that cause one to rethink the nature of everyday reality. As odd and enlightening as some of those phenomenon have been, they did not prepare me for this.

I have come across some very strange things indeed on the Internet; I have had some pretty surrealistic dreams from which I have woken sweating and confused; I have read many tales of fantasy and science fiction. None of these had prepared me for this either.

I have experienced the multi-dimensional, the altered states of reality, the shamanic realms that defy description. None of these, as transcendent as they may have been, served to prepare me for today’s apparition.

My mind reeled in turmoil vainly attempting to ‘make sense’ of this incongruity. It failed. There was no way to rationalize this event. It just did not fit. It did not even fit into the category, “too weird for words”.

If an extraterrestrial had suddenly appeared, it would have been easier to accept. That, at least, was within the realm of possibility.

This, seemingly, was not. Yet, there it was, right in front of me in plain daylight, undeniable no matter how hard my mind was attempting to deny the veracity.

So, I did what needed to be done…I closed my eyes, took a couple of slow deep breaths, told myself that I was just imagining this and then opened my eyes again. It was still there. Oh my! Now what?


About Leslie Fieger

Author of several books including The DELFIN Trilogy, Your Prosperity Paradigm, The Master Key, Alexandra's DragonFire and Awakenings. Speaker; Meme Therapist and Professional Beach Bum
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